David Ford



After many months of waiting David Fords second album
- Songs For The Road - is available for you to buy from all outstanding download stores, including iTunes and 7Digital.

The album is being made available from today, 6th August 2007, in digital form only.

This is what we, in the music biz, call a soft release.

The big old marketing fireworks will kick in when the physical CD is released in October; but in the meantime, for you true Ford devotees, you insane completists and thos newbies amongst you who are just discovering Davd through word of mouth and gigs, the album is available for you to purchase, right now, in the glorious Fordophonic digital format.

Isnt the modern world just great?

Yes it is, but not as great as David Fords new album which, in all honesty, is beyond great!

So please buy your download copy, listen to it and then post up your review on the Forum.

Not only are we interested in hearing your thoughts about the new record, but we would also genuinely like to find out which tracks you think would make the best singles from the album.

Thanks for sticking by David while he got this album completed, I know you will agree that it has been worth the wait. So now go and enjoy........

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