David Ford


USA 'HITS' magazine raves about Ford

David Ford, I Sincerely Apologise for the Trouble I?ve Caused (Independiente/Columbia):
Even before the Brits came into power at Columbia, this scruffy U.K. singer/songwriter/one-man band was being touted for big things as the most intriguing troubadour to come along since Damien Rice and Conor Oberst, but with even more of a feel for solid bursts of melodic rock. He?s kinda like Chris Martin meets Bob Dylan, with a little CSN-era Neil Young thrown in for good measure. It?s an arty affair, but never strays from accessibility, as exemplified in the home-made videos for the self-lacerating ?I Don?t Care What You Call Me? and the corrosive socio-political critique of ?State of the Union,? which wouldn?t be out of place on either Young?s own Living With War or Dylan?s Highway 61 and can be viewed at www.david-ford.com. On the black-and-white ?Union,? Ford plays each part in turn as they feed back on endless loops, a single take that ends with him walking out the door of his one-room studio into the bleached-out sunlight. Don?t know if this will translate to the Colonies, but it?s undeniably powerful, with expletives not deleted. ?RT

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