David Ford


WORD Magazine give a thumbs up review

Word Magazine, December Issue out now

"..after the first songs have conducted us through the mire of his recent history of betrayal, hurt and the failure to come up to expectations, he takes us on a short diversion into track four, which is called 'Cheer Up (You Miserable Fuck)'. See, he's a card"

"..the great redeeming features are: his voice which is curiously easy to live with for an instrument that bites off his disappointment in such raw chunks, as he does on 'State Of The Union', an 'It's Alright Ma' for our times; the drums, which have the full, roomy, chugging sound of Neil Young's 'Harvest'; most crucially, his powers of observation. Randy Newman applauded Van Morrison's 'Brown Eyed Girl' on the grounds that the line "behind the stadium with you" could only have come from real life. You could say much the same about the line in Ford's "A Long Time Ago" about sitting on her wall and waiting for her parents to drive by. If you were the woman who'd triggered this outpouring you would truly be the toast of the powder room."

"..other than his guitar, piano and drums, instruments are deployed on a need-to-play basis, which is as it should be when it's the authenticity of that voice which is the point. Placing him will not be easy. There's one foot in David Gray's camp and the other in Kurt Cobain's. What's in between is a life that's been lived. His taste for Anglo-Saxon adjectives may keep him off Radio 2 and he's probably too musical for Radio 1, but from tracks one to nine his impressive record doesn't flag and deserves a wide hearing"

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