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New Website!

Welcome to David Ford's new web site, though of course it'll only be new to you if you knew old one.

Here you will find all sorts of David Ford news, info, music, pictures, videos, interesting message board conversations and the occasional special treat.

Please do register with us, it helps us know who we are talking to and in return you get to be the first in line for those treats that I've
just mentioned. Treats like the free lunch time "invitation" show at The Social in London on September 8th.

David's debut album 'I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused' will be released on Independiente on October 3rd, with his debut single 'State of the Union' appearing a week earlier on 26th September.

The 26th September will also see David Ford begin his first UK 'headlining' tour (see the Live page).

On the tour he will be supported and ably assisted by his buddies The Late Greats. For those of you who get to the gigs early enough to catch The Late Greats support slot, there's every chance that you will also witness an incognito David Ford displaying his remarkable drumming skills. Worth the price of a ticket on it's own I would have thought. And for the boys who've asked, yes, Miss Law will be doing her harmonious thing with David at all the dates.

So here we are then, after a year's effort and a leg up from Stage Three Music, Fierce Panda, Bigger Picture Media, The Agency, Clintons and most of all the team at Independiente, David Ford is embarking on apologising for all the trouble he's caused.

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