David Ford


Sunday Times review... 'furious and polemical...intimate and passionate'

.............Who is he? The former front man of Eastbourne?s Easyworld, Ford has only benefited from stepping out on his own. Away from the sometimes overblown arrangements of the past, he is transformed by his self-produced and performed settings into an intimate and passionate solo artist. For his debut album, I Sincerely Apologise for All the Trouble I?ve Caused, Ford shut himself away in his cellar for some serious downtime with his problems, hopes, despair and longings; only his local football team, backing vocalists on one song, prevent it being an entirely one-man affair. The album will delight fans of David Gray, Mike Scott, Tom McRae and Ryan Adams. Its highlight, the furious, polemical State of the Union, is a tour de force of snarling agitpop............Sunday Times 2nd Oct 2005

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